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“Borgata Urban, the saddle that lives. Born by tradition, the original leather saddle for modern, fixie and trekking bikes. A modern design for an old taste and flavor. Borgata Urban, is suitable for trendy cyclists who love to “run” in traffic and nature.For those who have the bicycle in his DNA and never tire of pedaling in every situation, everywhere and with every condition.
Recommended Matching: Fixed Bicycle / Riding Bicycle / City Bike / Mountain Biking / Electric Bicycle.
For those who have the bike in his DNA and never tires of riding in every situation, in every place and with every condition. Recommended pairings: racing bike / fixed gear / city bike / mountain bike / electric bicycle.”

Weight 639 gr
Long 275mm
width 175 mm
high 65 mm
Rail Chromolly Nero

20 in stock